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Make Southbourne Grove your first choice for dentures

Designed to suit your budget and your lifestyle, our dentures help you get your smile back.

Southbourne Grove Denture Clinic offers all the denture care services you need, from crafting your first set through to high quality repair work in the event of an accident or fault.


Established in 2011, Southbourne Grove was set up by denture specialist Tim Foster, a qualified Clinical Dental Technician, to offer denture making and more direct to the public.


With over 25 years of dental experience, Tim understands the needs of our patients and aims to ensure your visit to us is comfortable, personal and gets you the result you want.

Why choose us?

•  We have close links with local dentists

•  We are always happy to offer consultation appointments and free advice

•  We can visit you at home if you can't get to us

•  Our modern on-site lab helps us keep costs down and get work done faster, so you get an affordable and efficient service

Finding the right service for you

•  Complete dentures

•  Partial dentures

•  Mouthguards

•  Implant - retained dentures

•  Chromes

•  Flexible dentures

We pride ourselves in putting the patient first and offering bespoke dentures personalised to your requirements. At every stage we explain exactly what we are trying to achieve, offering you every option from a clinical and technical aspect by using pictures and models.

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