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Aftercare for your dentures

The oral environment is a complex system and, in reality, dentures are a poor substitute for natural teeth. Most denture wearers have lost teeth due to decay and gum disease. This can be due to neglect, trauma, smoking or underlying medical issues. Dry mouth (xerostomia), denture stomatitis, ulcers and bad breath can all be made worse by unclean dentures.

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Aftercare for dentures


  • Clean your dentures twice a day or after meals using a soft brush, not an ordinary toothbrush.

  • Clean them over a filled sink or towel. Make sure you hold the plate between your thumb, index and middle fingers.

  • Rinse off any food debris using luke warm water - not boiling water as this can distort the plastic.

  • Use a denture brush and denture toothpaste as this is less abrasive than normal toothpaste.

  • You can soak your dentures using denture tablets, but only as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Dentures should be removed over night to allow the mouth to cleanse itself and rest. However some people prefer to wear their teeth and this is fine.

  • If left overnight, just leave them in a glass of water or denture box, and not the cleanser as well. Over use of soaking in cleanser can make the dentures brittle.


Some patients still struggle to keep their dentures clean despite their best efforts and for these patients we offer our in-house denture cleaning. Calculus can build up as on natural teeth. We have a Renfert Sympro machine. This combines ultra-sonic motion, fine metal pins and a cleaning abrasive to remove the tartar.

Specialised cleaning products for dentures

We offer our own range of specialised cleaning products which cannot be bought at any high street store. Samples, denture boxes and literature are given to all patients on their final appointment. You can drop in for fixative or cleaning samples. All products are in stock or can be posted.

Sympro Cleaning - £15.00*

Denture Boxes - £5.00*

Mouthguard Boxes - £5.00*

Slimline Retainer Boxes - £4.00*


NitrAdine (pack of 20 tablets - 10 week supply) - £10.00

Clinical trials show that these tablets result in 99.995% reduction in bacteria.



Professional Denture Cleanser Tabs (pack of 32 tablets) - £4.75

Simple, efficient and easy-to-use. Removes plaque, impurities, food remains, nicotine, tea, coffee and other stains.



TCS Flexible Denture Cleaner (10 month supply) - £25.00

Cleans, disinfects and refreshes. Used daily, it will keep appliances looking and feeling like new!



Olivafix - £6.75

This denture fixative cream is like no other - get a strong, long-lasting hold for up to 24 hours, with no added preservatives, Zinc or Petrolatum.



NitrAdine Shine Toothpaste - £5.90

Specially formulated to clean, whiten, refresh and polish your dentures. Designed to be used as part of your daily routine.



Jefe Silicone Denture Brush - £5.95

The soft silicone bristles are specifically made for dentures, so will keep your dentures in excellent condition.



Dent Spa Case - £15.00

Denture box with ultrasonic vibrating action for removable appliance cleaning.



Dry Mouth Gel - £12.00

Helps temporary relief for patients suffering a dry mouth.


*Prices as per December 2015

Postage from £1.99

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