The introduction of denture implants has undoubtedly revolutionised the dental industry. Missing, broken or damaged teeth is no more a fact of shame nowadays. Denture implants have changed the face of the dental industry. You can easily get natural teeth-looking denture implants to replace the missing teeth. Generally, dentists provide every patient with top material options, alley acrylic and metal denture implants.

Both have their sets of benefits and drawbacks. By understanding the features that will benefit you, you can decide on the most feasible option for denture implants. Your ultimate goal is to achieve a comfortable and confident smile. You must consider the type of denture implants that will provide you with the same comfort level.

For the best quality dentures in Leigh on Sea, make sure that you book your appointment with a professional dentist. They will help you out with proper suggestions and selection methods.

What are the benefits of acrylic denture implants?

In terms of affordability, acrylic implants are the best option. They can be easily customised and light in weight. Hence patients do not feel that they are wearing a denture implant. Instead, they stay comfortable and acquainted with this type of implant. The best part about acrylic denture implants is that they can be repaired easily. You don’t need to opt for implant replacement now and then. Moreover, to make the implant look as natural as possible, dentists will easily customise the size, shape and colour of the acrylic denture implants.

However, if you’re a chain smoker or a coffee addict, the acrylic implants might get damaged due to discoloration if proper oral hygiene is not maintained.

What are the benefits of metal denture implants?

Metal implants, also known as cast metal partial dentures, are generally made of a combination of metal and alloy framework that works like artificial teeth. They are more durable than acrylic implants and will last a lifetime. They are sleek, thin and will comfortably fit your jawline.

Moreover, with a metal denture implant, you won’t face any issues with speech and chewing. However, some people are prone to metallic allergies, which can lead to serious consequences. Moreover, once damaged, getting the metal denture implants repaired will cost you a fortune and a lot of stress.

You must choose between the two depending on the budget, personal preference, aesthetics, durability and allergic conditions. Contact Southbourne Grove Denture Clinic Ltd for professional and friendly denture implant services. We have qualified and experienced clinical denture technicians for reliable and personal denture services.

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