Emergency denture repairs could be extremely stressful and overwhelming. So, it is better for you to have some proactive knowledge before undertaking denture repairs in Leigh-on-sea. Armed with this knowledge can help you minimise further damage to your dentures. Let’s look at dos and don’ts to help you thrive better with a denture.

Some Dos for emergency denture repairs

Keep a denture repair kit handy

A denture repair kit is a must-have, containing all the necessary tools and materials to repair it temporarily. Keep it handy and accessible to quickly get it out for an emergency.

Handle your dentures properly

Dentures are supposed to be delicate and fragile. They can easily break if mishandled. You need to hold them by the base and consciously avoid bending or twisting them.

Extensive cleaning

You must clean your dentures regularly before putting them through the repair.

Seek professional help and guidance

Only some dentures could be repaired DIY or using the repair tools. Some damage to the dentures could be severe and beyond repair. A denture specialist can help you get the best possible repair in question.

Some don’ts on emergency denture repair

Don’t use household adhesives

You should never use household adhesives to fix dentures. Instead of healing the damage, it can instead inflict further harm.

Don’t attempt to seal any cracks or chips on your own

Cracks or chips in your dentures can spread and weaken the overall structures of the dentures. We advise you to take it to the professionals if you witness any emergence of cracks or chips.

Don’t put on damaged dentures

You should go on using a damaged denture as long as possible. But, we strictly advise against them. We should remove and repair them as soon as possible.

If the problems with the dentures are minor, you can quickly repair them using a kit and handle them with care. However, if the issues are a crack, chip, or something severe, you should seek professional help from denture repair specialists in Leigh-on-sea. Southbourne Grove Clinic is the best place to seek help for all dentures-related problems.