Dentures are removable fixtures fixed to the teeth’ tissues in place of the missing teeth. Generally, you can opt for either a partial or a complete denture. When all teeth are missing, complete denture treatment is required. If one or two teeth or a set of teeth go missing, partial denture treatment is required. The most common alternative to dentures is dental implant. In case you are not prepared for a denture treatment, you can also easily opt for a dental implant. However, you need to consult a professional dentist in this matter. They will check the condition of your gum, consider the number of missing teeth, and decide accordingly.

Before you opt for dentures in Leigh on Sea, Here are a few interesting facts about the treatment that can amaze you.

What are the things you must know about dentures?

How are dentures made?

New dentures are developed over a few weeks of appointments. The dentist will generally take impressions of your jaw and the measurements to check the denture fittings. They will create a model in wax or plastic form in the exact shape and ask you to try it out before finalising the denture cast. The final denture will be adjusted if you face any problems later on.

Will dentures change the appearance of the face?

Dentures are made in resemblance with your natural teeth. Hence there will be no change in the appearance of your face or your smile due to its placement. Dentures fill up the gaps within the teeth set and improve the facial appearance.

Is it difficult to eat with dentures?

Eating with new dentures can be difficult and uncomfortable at times. However, this feeling will wear off within the next few weeks of the treatment. Please ensure you eat soft food and cut it into small pieces to help you chew and digest it properly. Be cautious and do not opt for hot or hard drinks or food, as it may cause damage to the newly fitted denture. 

Will it be difficult to speak with new dentures?

If you have fitted the dangers properly, there will be no problem with pronouncing words. However, if you feel uncomfortable, the same will get better with practice and time. If you still face difficulty settling your dentures, visit the dentist immediately. 

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