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Mouthguards for all sports in Westcliff-on-Sea

Rainbow Mouthguards at Southbourne Grove Denture Clinic Ltd

Rainbow Mouthguards are made from a flexible high impact absorbing polymer, designed to support the teeth and protect the gums, and individually moulded to casts of your teeth, so they fit you and you alone.

They are available in a range of bright colours and you can have up to 5 colours in each mouthguard. They all come complete with the player’s name, an X-ray radio opaque strip, CE mark and the player’s name permanently sealed within them. We can also customise any mouthguard to suit your team or sport with logos and flags. Every Rainbow Mouthguard also comes complete with a carrying container and care instructions.

We use Erkodent products and laminate different thicknesses together depending on your requirement. Clear and standard colours are included in the price, but multi-coloured and striped mouthguards may incur an additional cost.

All our appliances are thermoformed using state-of-the-art equipment. Thermoforming presses the blank onto the model, forming a tight, accurate fit unlike the vacuum formed technique normally used by surgeries.

We have recently created mouthguards for several local sportsmen, including Southend’s Light Welterweight boxer Idris Hill, several of Westcliff rugby club’s 1st team, several Senseis from Shinkyu Karate Club (including myself). Some examples are shown below. Our sister company TF Dental has also sponsored the Southend Scorpions Junior Basketball teams.

Light mouthguard

Designed for children with only deciduous (milk) teeth present. 2 x 2mm

Medium Mouthguard

Designed for sports players who will not encounter a hard weapon or hard ball. 2 + 4mm

Heavy Mouthguard

Designed for sports players who may encounter a hard weapon or hard ball (e.g. hockey, lacrosse, squash, kick boxing). It contains resilient impact strips which reinforce important impact bearing areas of the mouthguard and assist in rapidly spreading destructive energy away from the area of the blow. 2 + Strips + 4mm

Heavy Pro Mouthguard

Designed for sports players who may encounter a hard weapon or hard ball (e.g. ice hockey, street hockey or cricket). The Heavy-Pro Rainbow Mouthguard contains a high impact protective shield to deflect destructive energy received at a high speed. 2 + Shield + 4mm

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Southend Scorpions U15s – National League basketball team sponsored by TF Dental

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