Dentures are much like artificial teeth that replace the damaged or missing ones. Made of synthetic materials, they are one of the vital cosmetic dentistry procedures followed in recent times. However, knowing the proper use of a denture is a critical need. You should follow some simple steps to utilise the dentures correctly.

Importance of Regularly Removing the Dentures:

One of the basic rules of using a denture is to remove them from your mouth before going to bed. It may seem like an additional activity, but it is important for restoring your oral health. This practice also discourages the growth of bacteria and other harmful microbes on the denture.

Why Remove Dentures While Going to Sleep?

To understand the logic behind removing the dentures in Leigh-on-Sea every night, you should consider the effects they can cast on your oral cavity. To get proper information on this, you can take a look at the following part of this blog.


It is one of the most common issues that can arise when you do not take off the dentures before retiring for the day. Resorption is an oral problem which decreases bone density and volume over time. However, it is a natural process you might experience after using the dentures for a considerable period. It would only be aggravated if you do not follow the rule of taking them off.

Decadent Oral Hygiene:

Keeping the dentures on always can give you less opportunity for regular cleaning. It is worth remembering that dentures are not your natural teeth and need proper maintenance. Keeping them on even during sleep encourages germs and bacteria growth. This affects your overall dental health considerably. To avoid such inconvenience, you must take out the dentures once in a while and clean them thoroughly.

Pain and Discomfort:

Wearing dentures constantly puts a lot of pressure on your gums and oral muscles. This immense pressure can cause the formation of sore spots throughout the mouth. You may feel a stinging pain and discomfort, which can deteriorate over time if not taken care of.

These are a few problems that you might face when you do not remove the dentures overnight. To get proper assistance with dentures from an expert source, contact Southbourne Grove Denture Clinic Ltd. We are a reliable provider of dentures in Leigh-on-Sea and its surrounding areas. For any enquiry, you can visit our website today.