Dentures, also popular as false teeth, are used massively to restore people’s smiles. It can transform the life of an individual having difficulty with chewing, biting etc. However, you need to take care of certain things while wearing dentures. The foremost thing is to find an experienced dental clinic for dentures in Leigh-on-Sea. Let’s explore more about the subject below.

Avoid These Mistakes When Wearing Dentures

Not Cleaning Properly

Just because dentures are called false teeth but they also need the same level of care. Not brushing them regularly or improper oral hygiene can damage them. You must clean them thoroughly to keep dentures away from stains and bacteria. Setting up a cleaning routine for your dentures is essential for their lifespan.

Improper Handling

Not handling dentures correctly can damage, chip or break them. Make sure to hold them carefully while cleaning or putting them, or soaking them in solutions. Besides, they also need to be securely in a closed container when wearing dentures, Keeping them out of reach from children and pets. Also, avoid brushing too harshly, as this may scrape dentures. Remember that dentures aren’t as sturdy and require care with caution.

Letting them Dry

Make sure to soak your dentures in water when not wearing them. This is important to let them dry as lack of moisture can cause cracks in your dentures. This is why dentists recommend soaking them overnight in a prescribed solution.

Chewing Gum

You must avoid chewing gum while wearing dentures, as this can cause your dentures to dislodge while chewing or speaking. This can also get stuck on the dentures, which can be difficult to get off and damage your denture. Chewing gum generally has a high sugar content which can wear out dentures quickly and can result in further oral health problems.

Poorly Fitted Dentures

You can experience gum irritation if you wear dentures that don’t fit right. This can make way for food particles between your gums and false teeth. This is why you must always wear the right fit of dentures.

Not Giving Your Mouth a Break

Though dentists recommend wearing dentures regularly, you can’t go to bed with dentures on. Taking them off at bedtime gives your gums and mouth a much-needed break.

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