During a COVID-19 lockdown I had a fall in which I lost one top front tooth and damaged others. I knew I would eventually have to pluck up courage and visit a dentist. After much encouragement, a friend recommended that I visit her Dental Practice for advice as to the way forward.
A visit to the dentist and treatment had always been a problem to me, given that I did not like anything put in my mouth – to which I reacted badly, usually.
Following successful treatment there I was referred to Tim Foster of Southbourne Grove Denture Clinic to move forward – however my nerves were getting the better of me.
On meeting Tim and his assistant Jo, I was reassured that he had spoken with the dentist about my personal issues, he reassured me that he understood and would collaborate with me to make things as easy as possible – he did this with much understanding and humour.
I needed to visit for impressions and fittings several times, his patience to ensure that he worked with me and was able to minimize my nerves at each visit was evident.
He has assured me when there will be any changes to my existing teeth that he will be able to work with the top denture in place to minimize the needs I have at the time.
I would have no hesitation in recommending this Clinic to anyone who is in similar need – as both Tim and Jo showed nothing but understanding of my personal situation throughout – and I now have a highly satisfactory result.

Lynn B