Many people lose their teeth due to decay or accidents, which costs them confidence. Dentures can help gain back confidence by replacing lost or missing teeth. One in every five people wears some sort of denture. Two types of Dentures are there: Complete Dentures and Partial Dentures. Here are some guidelines on caring for your dentures to help you maintain their condition for durability.

Dentures Care Tips

1. Brush Twice Daily Using a Soft Brush: Make sure to brush your dentures twice a day using warm soapy water or denture cream. Do not use general toothpaste while brushing dentures, as it can scratch them. You can also get denture cleaning products from Southbourne Grove Dental Clinic. Ensure cleaning plaque well from dentures, as leaving them unclean can also affect your neighbouring teeth adversely.

2. Weekly Soaking: Soak your dentures in a mild cleaning solution once a week but don’t let them soak overnight. Also, choosing a mild product is essential as abrasive products can bleach their colour. 

3. Avoid High Caffeine Beverages Consumption and Smoking: Even your natural teeth are prone to be stained with excessive consumption of beverages like tea and coffee. You should also control or quit smoking to prevent staining dentures.

4. Reline & Rebalancing: After some time, your mouth changes, which can affect dentures. So if you’ve full dentures, you should see your dentist every year, whereas if you have partial dentures, the visit depends upon your gum condition and overall oral health. Also, your bone begins to shrink away when you lose teeth, and bone loss can result in poorly fitted dentures leading to uncomfortable dentures, cracks and others. Reline can help you to resolve such fit issues, or you can also get a new denture. Denture teeth can also lead to bite issues that can be fixed by readjusting the bite after some years. 

5. Visit Denture Clinic Regularly: If you need professional help cleaning and maintaining your denture, visit a denture specialist that can even help you remove the stain from your dentures by grinding and polishing them. 

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