Dentures are an easy solution to fix a smile and gap within teeth. Unlike implants, they are an affordable option that helps to fill in the gaps and fix the tooth positions of the patient. However, at times, the denture might get damaged, and you would need immediate denture repairs. For denture repairs in Southend-on-Sea, book your appointment with a professional dentist.

What is dental denture treatment?

Dentures are of different types. They are oral removable options which are placed in place of missing teeth. You can opt for full, partial, or implant-supported dentures. On average, the durability of a denture is more than ten years. They are generally made of materials like acrylic, metal, porcelain, and resin.

The dentist will take the impression of the missing tooth and upper and lower jaws. They make a prototype model of the missing tooth and make an artificial tooth fitting to the size and shape of your missing tooth. The dentist also polishes the denture to make it shine.

Why does the denture get damaged?

Due to daily wear and tear, the denture can get damaged. Moreover, the denture might also develop cracks or fractures while biting or chewing hard substances. Even though the materials are durable, wear and tear can cause damage.

Again, improper installation of the dentures can also cause problems on the walls of the denture. If the clasps are not fitted well in the gum, the denture might break or bend.

Again, dentures are removable. If you drop the denture accidentally, the alignment might get damaged and develop cracks as well.

How do you repair a denture professionally?

Professional dentists will use two ways for denture repair. They are as follows:


This is an excellent way to improve the durability of the denture. Rebasing now and then helps to keep the dentures in good condition. If the dentist guarantees the denture’s longevity for five years, then with the help of rebasing, you can add five more years to the denture. However, you need to remove the denture for a few days during the rebasing process.


This is a process where the soft lining of the denture is replaced with a harder and more durable lining option. If the denture has been damaged, hard lining is a suitable option. Although it is time-consuming and expensive, it will fix and maintain your denture for years.

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