Years back, people had a negative notion about dentures. They felt dentures were unnatural and uncomfortable. However, with advancements in dentistry, dentures have developed over time. When you get one, you can smile confidently. Dentures are neuromuscular. Simply put, they are designed to fit the shape of your mouth. Do you have a missing tooth? No worries. Approach a professional dental clinic for dentures in Leigh-on-Sea.

However, make sure that you take proper care of the dentures. Early signs of damage are an indication that you need to change them. When should you opt for denture replacement? You know the answer. It would be best if you were alert. Look out for the signs and fix your denture as soon as possible.

When should you replace the denture?

When you feel uncomfortable

Dentures are like natural teeth. It would be best if you weren’t releasing the existence of the same. However, if you start feeling pain or discomfort, there are some denture problems. If the dentures are painful or you face problems in the gums, tissue, tongue or mouth, it’s time to get a new denture.

If they look bigger

If the dentures look unnatural and do not match the shape and size of your natural teeth from the beginning, you should change them. You’re getting the denture to boost your self-esteem. If they are big, your purpose will remain unresolved. Get a new one and feel comfortable.

If you face problems chewing and talking

A damaged denture will make it hard for you to chew. Food will slip off if the dentures are broken, damaged or out of place. Moreover, a poorly fitted denture will not allow you to speak clearly. So if you’re facing these problems, getting a new denture is the only feasible solution.

If they are loose

Are your dentures loose? Do you feel the same moving around? Many reasons can make dentures lose. Visit a dentist to get the same identification. If the same can’t be fixed, make sure you get the denture replaced. You must also keep track of the colour of the denture. The discolouration is also a sign of denture damage. Make sure you get rid of a damaged denture at the earliest.

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