Missing teeth is no longer a curse. Thanks to advanced orthodontic treatments, dentures can now help with missing teeth. Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. Generally, two types of dentures are available: complete and partial dentures. However, many patients need to be made aware of dentures. If you’re planning to get dentures in Southend-on-Sea, then the blog is an eye-opener.

Read on and learn more about dentures.

What is the type of dentures?

You can avail two types of dentures. Either the complete or partial. A full denture is ideal if you’ve more than one missing tooth. To get complete denture options, you must wait for at least eight to 12 weeks before your gums are ready for the denture placements.

On the contrary, a partial denture usually consists of a single replacement tooth, which is attached to the base using adhesives. You can opt for partial dentures when one or more natural teeth remain in the upper and lower jaw.

How do new dentures feel?

When you start wearing new dentures, it may feel odd for the first few weeks. The new ones might initially feel a little loose but gradually sink into the facial muscles. You might initially experience a few unusual irritations or soreness; however, the pain will eventually recede.

Is it difficult to eat with dentures?

It will take some time to eat with new dentures on. Initially, the dentist will suggest you eat soft foods. Also, avoid sugary drinks and chewing gums for a better grip on the dentures. You should be extra cautious while eating hot or sharp-edged food.

Do you need to wear dentures 24/7?

The orthodontist suggests you wear dentures 24/7 as this will help you get a better grip on them. However, they are removable, and hence, you can remove them during the night. In the initial weeks, do not remove them when the dentures are being adjusted with the gums. Once the adjustment and alignment are done, you can remove them at night.

Do you need help to speak with dentures?

Initially, you might need help speaking with the dentures. However, with time, you’ll get used to them. If you bite your gums while speaking, contact the dentist and get the dentures fixed as soon as possible.

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