Dentures are the most common and popular way out among tooth replacement treatments. Dentures are a permanent and affordable solution for broken, damaged, chipped, or missing teeth. They are comfortable and have no side effects. However, unlike the permanent set of teeth, dentures are an artificial implantation into the mouth. Indeed, the patient will need time to get acquainted with the dentures before returning to their routine.

If you’ve lost more than one tooth, contact professional dentists for dentures in Southend-On-Sea. At the initial stage, they might feel strange in your mouth, but later, you’ll get adjusted to the same.

Here are a few facts for first-time users still getting used to the dentures.

How do you get used to dentures during the initial days?

Choosing food wisely

Even orthodontists suggest that patients choose their food wisely when they start using dentures for the first time. Initially, eating and drinking might feel awkward. You might become conscious while chewing hard food. Make sure you avoid non-sticky and sugary food for the initial days. This can irritate the dentures and cause sensitivity inside the mouth. You can start your food habits with soft and slurry items like mashed potatoes, soups, and yogurt.

Problems with speech

Although, with time, dentures will settle down, and the gums will take the shape of the dentures, you might also face speech problems. You will probably encounter issues speaking fluently, especially if you’ve had partial dentures for more than a single tooth. While some people get used to dentures from day one, others might adjust. For them, time is the only healer.

Experiencing soreness and irritation

It is usual for the patient to experience soreness and irritation at the initial stages when the dentures are fixed. You might even find trouble controlling your saliva levels once this artificial tooth is installed in your mouth. Sometimes, you’ll experience dryness and irritation until the gums and the tooth become acquainted with the dentures.

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