If you want to protect the gum area of your missing or damaged teeth, getting dentures is the most effective solution. These are made of synthetic materials and resemble the properties of actual teeth. However, even after getting a denture, you should not stop taking regular oral care.

Use Suitable Cleaning Agents for Dentures:

Before cleaning up your dentures, it is vital to remain prepared with the necessary cleaning agents. Apart from keeping the dentures microbe-free, these agents can prevent other types of damage. The most common issue is the formation of tartar, which destroys the structural properties of the dentures.

Ways to Stop Tartar Formation on Dentures:

Before getting stressed about the negative effects of tartar formation on your dentures in Leigh-on-Sea, it is important to learn about its cleaning process. We discuss this further in the following section of this blog.

Take off the Dentures:

This is an initial step in cleaning the dentures. You must remove them from your mouth and put them in a container. Keep a clean towel next to the sink where you can put the dentures down without damaging them. Once you have washed the dentures with clean water, you can begin with the next step.

Soaking the Dentures Before Clean-up:

In the earlier step, we suggested keeping the dentures inside a container. This container should contain a specialised solution of vinegar and water. Vinegar is a good agent that can stop tartar build-up. When you soak the dentures inside the solution for a while, you will see the outer build-up gradually wearing out.

Brushing the Dentures Gently:

After keeping the dentures inside the vinegar solution for a while, you should take them out. Start brushing the dentures gently throughout without applying much pressure. Use regular toothpaste and apply it to the dentures. Practise brushing at least twice daily to avoid excess tartar formation on them.

Soak Overnight and Rinse Thoroughly:

When you are finished brushing the dentures, you must soak them in the specialised denture solution. Keep them inside the container overnight to keep your dentures fresh and clean. Before you wear them again for the day, rinse them thoroughly. This washes out the excess solution from the overnight soak.

By following these steps, you can prevent tartar formation on your dentures and use them longer. If you need proper assistance, consult a reliable source like Southbourne Grove Denture Clinic Ltd. We have specialists who can suggest suitable dentures in leigh-on-Sea and perform emergency repairs. You can contact us or browse our website to learn more about us.