Proper denture repair is essential for people wearing partial or complete dentures in their teeth. The purpose of dentures is to help people suffering from tooth loss. Hence if your denture is damaged, you need to fix the same at the earliest. Technology has changed the way dentures are being made. You can now expect completely durable dentures. So even if you drop them off, they will get cracked slowly. However, if your dentures have been damaged, you should take them to a professional clinic for denture repairs in Leigh on Sea. Engaging in self-repair options can turn out to be troublesome and further deteriorate the condition of the denture.

What are the common types of denture damage?

Sometimes dentures might break without any reason. For instance, biting or chewing hard food can cause cracks on the denture’s surface. If your denture has been damaged, make sure that you get it removed immediately. Also, wash your mouth with lukewarm water to avoid pain. Make sure that you also collect the broken pieces of the denture effectively.

However, irrespective of the extent of the damage, ensure you don’t opt for a DIY method. Always visit professional dental clinics for the same.

Why is self denture repairs harmful and ineffective?

Using unsafe adhesives

Many denture wearers end up using unsafe adhesives and glues that are harmful to the mouth and gum. Unsafe adhesives contain many toxic substances that you might end up swallowing and cause problems in your stomach. So, rather than opting for at-home repairs, make sure that you go to a professional dentist for a permanent solution.

Increase intriguing pain

Improper repair of the dentures will alleviate the pain of the gums more. This is especially true if any broken denture part is sticking out of the gums. At-home denture repairs don’t allow you to find the broken parts of the dentures. Hence, it is not a safe practice.

Worsens condition of dentures

In most cases at home, denture repairs turn out to be improper. You can also get cuts on the edges of your mouth, gum and tongue during the process. This might worsen the condition of the denture further. So it would be best if you didn’t try it at home.

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